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Flowers on Wood

 Plants. praise. story. place.

Your ally in reclaiming  authentic vitality, connectivity + beauty making 


you are a 


a ray,

a color,


Every element of your world is alive, sentient and worthy of respect. When you take the time and care to build relationship with the Lands and Beings around you, abundant gates of nourishment, joy and a sense of place naturally enter your life. 

You come to realize that you are living in a vibrant and sacred place that deserves to be tended to with love and loyalty; that you were sung here long ago by the fireside tales, migratory patterns and tears of your ancestors.

You come to learn first hand how you are essential in the great task of taking care of life- your own, your families and community, and that of the larger relational field. 







Magic is very real and it feels a lot like connection.


Connection nourishes the unseen dimensions of life which directly touch and effect your physical reality, health, relationships and the vibrancy of the world as you know it. 

The ancients well understood the utter necessity of interfacing with and working in tandem with the Otherworld- the realm of Spirit. 

It is the underlying nature of life.

When you source from the vibrant roots of your authentic, aligned Being in relationship with the life around you- there is no limit to the possibilities of joy, beauty and fulfillment; creativity, abundance and love in the preciousness that is your life.














I am here to support you in attuning to and maintaining connection with the well of ancientness, intelligence and support you are sourced from. 


May your heart blossom. 

May you know your truest song,

And the wisdom in your bones,

be remembered.



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Flowers on Wood
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