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From the strange curiosities of youth in suburbia to the wide wingspan of an open road, from fasting in the mountains that have come to claim me, to carving out my humble place from the bones of my forebearers; Full Hearted Greetings,
I'm Jessica Forman.

 a woman with brown hair in front of a pine tree with blue sky

I work with and write about plants, sacred nourishment, and a way of being that centers around connection and the ritual of tending to life. I am rooted in the devotional practice of deepening in relationship with the lands I call home in Southern Colorado. Communing with the Wild Intelligences that surround me and my family gives me a true sense of purpose, place, and a way of life grounded in the Mythic.


Long have I courted ways of mending body, heart + spirit, seeking alignment with a larger tale of vibrancy and relationship than the ultra-modern myth of reality provides. Let me assure you, it is there. Follow your heart's resonance with great respect + humility, and you will uncover worlds upon worlds. Dig into your own roots and you will find sustenance far beyond what bread can provide. 

I've been studying and working in the holistic healing arts field for around 15 years. As most profound paths of study,  what starts as a "study" begins to spiral down, down down into itself and becomes a living part of your being, continuing to teach and inform with every passing season. Nutrition leads to herbalism, energy medicine, ritual technologies. Then loop back into the arms of the plants and into the realm of story and myth as medicine and into the art of writing and so on and so forth.


I am continuing to discover that humans, as well as our pathways of healing and spiritual vitality, are most certainly multi-dimensional, paradoxical and mysterious. Courtship is much more of a sophisticated way of going at it than thinking we are somehow going to 'figure this thing out.' The magic seems to emerge the more we carve out space for it.


'Of Lightning & Honey' is created in honor of those who came before me. It is also a seed I pray sprouts within all of our hearts. A seed of ancient memory of the true heritage of our beings and the relationship with the wilds that have taken care of us since the beginning of time.

In Beauty,

Jessica Forman


Lets touch in now and then.

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