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Sacrament of the Rose

Deep pink blossoms emanating the song of the heart are budding and blooming their symphony of magic along creeks and roadsides for all to behold. The hour of the flowers is upon us and will lend their presence for but a fraction of the year. How might the imprint of their eminence inform and guide us in our own journey of becoming?

It has been said that some of the loneliness of humanity comes from the isolation of falsely believing that our only companions are other humans, or limited to just our pets.

The wild world is calling. Are we listening?

To deepen in relationship with a place or being, presence is the currency. We show up. We sit up and respect. We listen. We watch. We notice our impressions, our dreams and what we sense, what we imagine. Imagination is an incredible ally and tool in the art of connection. Imagination is not made up, at least not always. There is an aspect to it that is all more real than the ideas we carry in our minds about reality. In our ability to embody more of the dreaming-imagination capacity of our psyche and spirit; this is where we can interface, with discernment, the beings of nature who we may long to know, and who may long to know us.

Roses are known as the Queen of the Flowers. They are pure, unconditional, rooted love. She is thorned yet softening, opening yet self containing; she is a master to be called upon in times of need, great and small, in all matters of the heart.

This summer, as you cross her path out in the woods, might you ask of her a single petal to place in your mouth as a sacrament of love and all that you hold sacred in your heart and in your life. Remember that day, for this simple ritual act is an oath of relationship to place, to deep self, to community. May the wisdom of the forest guide our hearts and minds as we cultivate and seek the clear path forward.

The plants usher the forces of light and water through their bodies and we watch them transform. From seed to stalk, flower to fruit, and back to the underworld again. Every season is a journey of becoming.

What will flower within you this year?

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