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What you seek is seeking you (Rumi)

Ever since I heard (or more likely read) these words by the great poet, Rumi, something in the marrow of my bones understood something, remembered something timeless, ancient and yet totally and incredibly here in the present- now, like modern life, now.

You see, we are the ancients. We are the representatives of our ancestral lines here on earth now, tending to life.

Don't you think there's going to be some strong pulls towards important tasks, duties, calls for reconciliation and otherwise? Fate. Destiny. Whatever you want to call it.

Of course there will be.

I spent much of my earlier years searching, traveling, following an invisible thread.

At times I've felt like I'm crazy, too neptunian for my own good, left wondering if any of this is even real.

You see, I get quite absorbed in the Story of things, in the Mythic nature of things, in the breath of the Otherworld. I'll be honest, I can be one of those folks who can bridge worlds but not even manage to brush their own hair. Im working on it. Im working on the embodiment piece.

And still, I see there is usually a gift wrapped secretly in what can feel like a curse.

I trust, deep down, that the ancients have been guiding me all along, that I am a Daughter of the Earth (just like you) and have been cultivating the skills, tales and tools that will be needed as I slowly make my way towards elder-hood to help tend to the young. Guide the future.

It's not all about career.

Its about duty. Though lord knows I'll take a clear vocation any day. Some coin in my pocket.

The real question is:

Who Are You Becoming?

I believe we live in a realm of Becoming. And it is when we forget this alchemical reality that we fall prey to stagnation.

I know the terrain all too well. Im sure you do too.

What I am learning in my years is that the becoming isn't about big changes on the outside or recognition. Those things can be hurdles along the way.

Becoming is more often than not a slow, mundane daily practice. The water gets to boiling incrementally.

We often hear the call in phases.

We are drawn to something.

We welcome it into our lives and make a place for it.

If something has no place, how can it take root?

The Art of Becoming

is the art of living. Day by day. Moment by moment. Task by task.

I'll be the first to admit how terrible I am at this.

I trust I am starting to 'get it' though.

I must.

You must.

We must.

Because, the kingdom of heaven is within you

and what you are courting is courting you.

Show up. Pay attention. Take the next step. Live with Heart.

This is how we live an honorable life. How we do right by our Creator, Ancestors, the holy earth we walk upon.

You know what is bull shit in your life. Put it down.

You know what's been beckoning you. Gather your courage and embrace it already.

Your life is waiting for you.


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